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Have you been asked to greatly speed up production in your laboratory? Then we have the solution - a walk away system that counts quickly and processes colonies grown in petri dishes. At least 540 petri dishes in around 90 minutes. The technician can validate the plates by judging the pictures on a screen behind a desk. 



The Irina petridish handling system: operation

Various automatic operations take place simultaneously:

  • Stacking the petri dishes
  • Removing the lid
  • Reading and scanning the bar code
  • Replacing the lid
  • Re-stacking the petri dishes
  • Communicating with the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). See the demo or more extensive product information.

The Irina petri dish handling system : product information

The Irina petri dish handling system is a fully automatic system that offers many efficiency gains for your food safety lab. The machine has high-quality electronics and is low-maintenance. The Irina has two carousels - one where the petri dishes are stacked and another for re-stacking the scanned dishes. This type of machine has been around for several years and has been used with success at Friesland Campina in the Netherlands.

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Would you also like to greatly increase the production of your laboratory? The Irina petri dish handling system makes that possible. Call us for an obligation-free appointment on +31 (0)71 3310085.

The Irina colony counter: working method

The automated petri dish handling system reads the barcode, removes the lid by means of a vacuum and slides the Petri-dish into the Interscience Scan 1200. The count is carried out and the barcode, photos and counts are saved in a file which can be imported into the Lab Information Management System (LIMS). The top-lid is then put back on the Petri-dish. This whole process is fully automated! The machine also automatically stacks dishes with a damaged barcode or other error reading. Watch the demo-film or read the technical description of this machine. Read more

The Irina colony counter: details

  • In the demo-version, it is possible not to stack Petri-dishes but to discharge them directly into a garbage container or bag. The remaining Petri-dishes are then stacked.
  • The scanning speed lies between eight and ten seconds per Petri-dish, which amounts to 400 Petri-dishes per hour. The speed of the machine itself is six seconds per Petri-dish and scanning takes two to four seconds longer. (We are engaged in discussion with Interscience France as to how this can be speeded up.)
  • This machine can, of course, be fully operated by means of a touch screen. The results can also be analysed from a remote computer or from the internet; it is equipped with an upload function as well.

The Irina colony counter: technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 2.2 metres x 0.8 metres
  • Weight 420 kg
  • Power supply 230 Volt, 500 Watt
  • Operation via touchscreen
  • We can optionally provide a dial-in connection

The Irina colony counter: example

The automated petri dish handling system is set up to scan a carrousel station with a capacity of 540 Petri-dishes as follows: firstly, de-stacking is effected; then the lid is removed and the barcode is scanned. In the present set up, it is possible to scan a barcode located on the side of the lower part of the Petri-dish, or a barcode located on the top-lid. If, in a particular case, the barcode can not be scanned due to, for instance, damage, the Petri-dish is placed in a separate stacking station. Later on the barcode can be entered manually, so that the Petri-dish can still be processed in the camera system.

When the barcode is recognised by the camera, the camera settings linked to the barcode are sent to the camera. The camera can then quickly take a photo. When the photo has been taken, the Petri-dish is removed from the scanner and the next Petri-dish to be read is placed under the scanner. After scanning, the machine puts the original top-lid back on the Petri-dish lower part, making the Petri-dish unit complete again. Finally, the Petri-dishes are re-stacked (in a store with a capacity of 540 pieces).

The automated colony counter in action
Pictures of the automated colony counter